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The urban is defined as the place where people walk around, find
themselves standing before and inside piles of objects, experience the
intertwining of the threads of their activities until they become
unrecognizable, entangle situations in such a way that they engender
unexpected situations. (Henri Lefèbvre: La révolution urbaine, P. 39)The Network Right To The City Hamburg invites to collective
confusions, encounters and diversions. At different places spread over
the city, on june, 2nd to 5th 2011 a lot of planned and unplanned will
take place.

Join us and:
* create situations & crowds
* roam through the city & discuss through the night
* celebrate on the concrete & analyse the urban abyss
* disassemble your very own practices & save utopian potentials
* join us at the ?Right To The City Congress? and bring along your

With: Manal Tibe from Egyptian Centre on Housing Rights/Kairo; Andrés
Antillano from Movimiento de Pobladores/Caracas; activists from
Abahlali/South Africa; activists from Imece/Istanbul; Yvonne P.
Doderer/Stuttgart; Carla Rodriguez from Movimiento de Occupantes e
Inquilinos/Buenos Aires; activists from Droit au logement and No
Vox/France; representatives of Movement for Justice in El Barrio/New
York, a person from Ir Lekulanu (city for all)/Tel Aviv (inquired),
Stadtlabor/Zürich; Wu Meng and Zhao Chuan from Grass Stage/China an many
many more.

The Congress is organized by Netzwerk Recht auf Stadt Hamburg and
Bundeskoordination Internationalismus (BUKO) together with many urban
activists from other cities. Informations:

BUKO Büro (Bundeskoordination Internationalismus)
Sternstr. 2 .. 20357 Hamburg (ab 13.9.2010).. fon 040/393 156 ..


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