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We heard that the JDP-AKP government would be gilding its so-called Urban Transformation – Urban Destruction and Plundering Projects in an international convention on 4th – 5th March 2011 in Istanbul Congress Centre.

The JDP-AKP government, in this “2011 Housing Convention”, that would be held by TOKİ, which is operating as an urban destruction machine and transformed into a centre threatening the public spaces, life areas, historical spaces, water basins and natural beings in the cities after being authorized by special laws, will be trying to collect legitimacy for its new plans of destruction about our cities and lives.

The JDP-AKP government, which had just recently approved the special articles of the so-called Bag Law in order to launch a tender for the Project of the 3rd Istanbul Strait Bridge, by turning a blind eye to the official natural-historical protection orders, court decisions and the will of the people, together with some pro-urban transformation “academics”, profit circles and “global city” marketing experts will be discussing the most profitable ways for plundering our lives.

We remind to those who try to hide the destructive results of the so-called urban transformation processes behind such flowery catchwords like “dream cities, real solutions, mobilization against natural catastrophes, cheap and secure housing”, what is TOKİ and what is urban transformation:

What TOKİ means is scattering the life of the people of Ayazma neighbourhood by marketing Ayazma to businessmen like Agaoğlu! What TOKİ means is constructing luxury villas under the name of social housing by seizing the forest areas on the route to the 3rd Strait Bridge!  What TOKİ and urban transformation means is the shattered life of the Sulukule neighbourhood; burned Haydarpaşa Train Station; plundered historical and cultural areas; destructed forest areas and water basins; sold to nothing schools and shores of the strait; and finally the labourers who are pushed out of the cities and deemed as second class citizens by being named as “occupiers”.

We, as the defenders of our cities and life against the urban destruction and plundering plans, call the academics, intellectuals, journalists and representatives of the institutions who are on the part of science and people to say no to this plundering convention!

For reclaiming Istanbul, our cities, our life areas, our right to housing and to life, we invite all our friends altogether to voice that our cities are not ownerless in front of Istanbul Congress Centre where on 4th March Friday TOKİ Plundering Convention will be held.

We invite all sister associations, platforms, neighbourhood and environmental associations, scientists who are against the urban destruction plans and anyone who has a word to voice against the plunderers to our action.




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