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A group of squatters has moved into film director Guy Ritchie’s £6million London home while it was being renovated.

At least 12 people have settled into the listed
building in Fitzrovia and they now plan to turn
it into a school – offering lessons in successful
squatting, among other things.
Police were called to the property at the weekend
but the group calling itself the Really Free School refused to budge.
It is unknown if they knew it belonged to the
Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels director before they moved in.
Bold: Squatters advertise their free school at
Guy Ritchie’s London home (Getty Images)
Yesterday they were inviting the unemployed to
join their cinema club and spend the night in the five-storey property.
‘We need occupiers for tonight! Will be film
showings in the new cinema. Come sleepover in the
most rah property in London,’ an online post read.
The group has moved from another address in
nearby Bloomsbury, where their ‘school’
curriculum included classes in anarchy, tarot-reading and social media.
Neighbours are frustrated by the occupation and
one woman who works in the area chased two
squatters down the road demanding to know how long they would be there.
A resident said: ‘I don’t like it at all. There
is no substance to their ridiculous cause. They
don’t own the building, why should they live in it?’
Ritchie bought the former language school, which
had been empty for three years, last May and was
in the process of having it converted into two homes.
‘It’s a real cheek,’ said a spokesman for the building contractors.
‘This property has not been empty. We’ve had
workmen in there as recently as Friday.
‘Our scaffolding is in there. It’s not safe to be in at all.’
Unless the squatters leave voluntarily, Madonna’s
ex will have to obtain a court order to get them out.

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