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S’bu Zikode, South African Shackdwellers’ President, Speaks to Poverty Scholars

Over thirty organizations across the United States have coordinated the national tour of esteemed movement organizer and public intellectual S’bu Zikode, founding member and current President of Abahlali baseMjondolo, or Shackdwellers’ Movement, post-apartheid South Africa’s largest social movement led by the militant poor.

Zikode touches down in Chicago Saturday, then travels to Ithaca, New York; New York City; Philadelphia; Los Angeles; and the San Francisco Bay Area, all to exchange lessons and strategies with leaders of the United States’ own grassroots movements to end poverty.

He will participate in the Poverty Scholars Strategic Dialogue at Union Theological Seminary, November 11-14 and meet with Poverty Initiative partners (click here for a list of organizations that S’bu will meet with through the Poverty Initiative)

Public Events

Chicago – November 7 & 8

Ithaca – November 9 (Flyer)

New York City – November 14 (Flyer) & 16 (Flyer)

Philadelphia – November 15

Los Angeles – November 18

San Francisco Bay Area – November 23 & 24

Click here for S’bu’s itinerary.

For complete information on all public events in the tour, download S’bu’s public events calendar.

Click here for Abahlali’s press release on his U.S. tour.

Click here for the National Economic and Social Rights Initiative’s press release.

Click here for more information about the documentary film, Dear Mandela.


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