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Take Back the Land, 23 July 2009


Picture the Homeless, a New York City based homeless rights organization, has liberated a vacant lot in the Manhattan Borough of New York City and is currently building a Tent City there. I just spoke to Picture the Homeless leader and organizer Rob Robinson ( and he informed me they are erecting tents and moving homeless people into them. The land, located on the 115th St., between Madison and 5th Ave., is owned by JP Morgan/Chase, but it is not controlled by Picture the Homeless for the benefit of human beings, not corporations.
The movement to liberate land and elevate housing to the level of a human right is growing. Take Back the Land supports Picture the Homeless ( and other organization working for the right to housing. Updates, including pictures of the liberation, are coming this afternoon.

What can you do to support?

  • If you are in NYC, go to 115th St., between Madison and 5th Ave. in Manhattan and show your support. A press conference is scheduled for 1:00pm.
  • Email your support to Picture the Homeless from their website (
  • Call Mayor Bloomberg’s office and tell him to allow Picture the Homeless to house people on that lot. Hands Off Picture the Homeless! You must leave a message with 311-NYC by calling 212-639-9675.
  • Talk to people and organizations in your community about liberating land.

Housing is a human right!
Liberate land!
Land for people not for profit!


Max Rameau
Take Back the Land


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