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“City From Below” Conference
Baltimore, MD, Friday March 27th – Sunday March 29th

For all urban and non-urban dwellers…well just about everyone, the end
of this month will be bringing us the City from Below conference! Red
Emma’s, the 2640 space, the Indypendent reader, Baltimore Development
Cooperative, Camp Baltimore, and the Campaign for a better Baltimore
have teamed up to bring together a gathering of activists, artists and
intellectuals from here and abroad to reexamine and redefine our cities
from below.

The City from Below seeks to provide a space where theory and practice
can be kneaded together, with an understanding that the urban terrain is
now an indispensable part of all struggles for social justice and
change. This conference is committed to a horizontal framework, ie.
where participation is key and the dichotomy of presenter and audience
is blurred.

Consisting of three days of panels, workshops, discussions and
presentations by a very long and exciting list of groups and people,
(viewable here: ) , the City from Below
hopes to set or fuel the motion of movement(s) for social justice.

Full schedule and locations right here:


To get the dialogue going before we all see each other face to face
please check out the news and resources panel on the website, here you
can see news articles, papers, and writings by or of some of the
conference presenters as well as the themes of the conference.

For news and resources view here:


This conference is being organized by all volunteers, so we of course
need your help and participation! If you would like to do anything from
documentation to panel moderation or child care to general staffing,
please sign up!


Speaking of childcare there will be special programming for the young
and old to participate in, dubbed KID(z) CITY.

KID(z) CITY is a creative program intended to support children and
parents’ access to participation at the City from Below conference and
to promote all ages interaction—with respect and equality.

To learn more or to be involved view here:


To be informed of any updates, news, and general information about the
conference please go to the website:

We look forward to seeing and engaging with you…and please help spread
the word!


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