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Wombles, 21 October 2008

About a year after the eviction of the former New Camberwell Centre, a new social centre has been opened in Camberwell, not far away from where the previous one stood.

The Library House
52 Knatchbull Road
(behind library, junction with Burton Rd)
See google map below….


The New Squatted Social Centre is very near Myatts Fields, and not far from Loughborough Junction station in Brixton. The Library House stands right behind Minet Library. The occupied building seems to have been part of the library services but left empty long time ago.

The Social Centre is run by a group of local south londoners that have put quite a lot of work into fixing up the space, and they are preparing events and dreaming of a vibrant free space for South London. It aims to be an open house for the local co

The Library House stands behind Minet Library (the entrance is through a gate on Burton Road), not far away from where the former New Camberwell Squatted Centre stood a year or so ago until it was evicted, victim of the ever-present speculationmmunity, and right now lots of work is going on, specially to sort out the electricity.


The building where the Camberwell Centre stood has been left empty for this entire year, and only last week the boards that were placed outside were seen with a gap to allow physical access through the door. (old web site here)

Anyway – we have a new social centre! – address is 52 Knatchbull Road, although the entrance is through the gate on Burton rd, and the building is right behind Minet Library.

Meetings are happening weekly already. Electricity needs sorting out (hence call to all autonomous energy generator systems) and garden needs clearing. All welcome to help, get involved …


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