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Squatter City, 25 May 2008

Silvio Berlusconi wastes no time. Italy has expelled 100 people after a sweep of immigrant squatter encampments, The New York Times reports.

See also: BBC and The Guardian.

The Guardian reports that the cabinet endorsed a new law that allows “confiscation of property let to illegal immigrants, a rule that could have instant and drastic effects on hundreds of thousands of foreigners known to be living in Italy without the right papers.”


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  1. Hi,

    Nice article!
    I follow the italian political situation since 16 years , speak very good Italian and pass there every year two months.
    I have seen how this poison penetrates.
    Who controls the media, controls emotions like fear, intolerance, anxiety….
    This will happen also in other European countries if nothing is done.
    Did you notice that not only in Rome but also in Londen the election victory was based on irrational fear?

    Did you know that Mediaset mid 2007 has taken over one of the biggest mediaconcerns in the world, Endemol?
    Who controls the European media?
    Here in Belguium, at least, we didn’t see the sensational images of burning gypsie camps

    More info:http:\\

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