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Dignity International, 7 May 2008

On the 24th of April, 2008 at 9:30 in the morning four bulldozers and 200 odd policemen with guns and sticks barged into Nehru Nagar Slum from the backside and demolished approximately 700 – 800 houses, rendering 3000 people homeless. The residents of Nehru Nagar were completely caught unaware as none of them were even prepared for such an event and the bulldozers did not give them any time to collect their belongings.

In the process several residents were injured both due to the collapsing walls around them and also due to beating of the police. Many elderly and children have been left mentally traumatised. One such, a 75 year-old man, Yusuf Khan who was discharged from the hospital just a day prior to the day of demolition after a hip surgery and has been left homeless and on the road.

Six days after the demolitions took place one four year old child died due to the extreme heat.

It has been two weeks since the demolition and there is absolutely no respite for these people. Not only are they still living in the rubble that used to be their home, without their basic amenities, but they are also constantly being threatened to be evicted from the temporary structures they have build to save themselves from extreme heat.

More details, pictures, a poster and a list of demands are online in pdf here.

Squatter City warned about looming evictions in Nehru Naga in January this year. That entry is here.


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